Ideas worth coding

The hackGVSU event will help students learn more about HTML & REST API development.  Blackboard Learn, a web application very familiar to students, will be used as a target evnironment for new HTML modules or deep integration systems with REST API.

A hackathon is best described as an “invention marathon”. Anyone who has an interest in technology attends a hackathon to learn, build & share their creations over the course of a weekend in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. You don’t have to be a programmer and you certainly don’t have to be majoring in Computer Science.

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hackGVSU is open to any student, faculty, or staff member at GVSU, or any other institution or high school. Please note: attendees under 18 must be accompanied by a parent, teacher, or guardian—or must bring a copy of the hackGVSU Participation Waiver signed by their parent or guardian.


Category 1:

Build a module for Blackboard Learn Community Portal, which will make things easier for students or faculty, or which can be useful to their academic experience.

Category 2:

Use the REST API to build an integration or web application that will improve the experience of students and faculty who are using Blackboard Learn.

How to enter

Instructions on entering the hackathon will be given at the Library on 4/14/2018 in person.


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Dr. Matthew Roberts
Grand Valley State University

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Scott Hurrey
Blackboard inc.

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Dr. Szymon Machajewski
Grand Valley State University

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Katie Clark
Grand Valley state University

Judging Criteria

  • Category: Web design / Community Portal Module Development
    Blackboard modules category can contain any of the browser-based, client-side technologies such as: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax, media dev, jQuery etc.  Requires a basic understanding of HTML and front-end web design.  
  • Category: REST API, server-side development
    Develop a server-side integration and a web application with Blackboard REST API. Create a video of it for a review by the judges. Winning projects will be asked to upload source code to github for others to use.